24/7 Service Support Hot-line

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To instantly speak with a CIJ coder technician:

English and Spanish +1 951-850-4669

Our technicians will try and resolve your coder or CIJ issue over the phone with you.

In most cases, a phasing fault means that your machine is having a pressure issue.

  • 1. Check Ink Pressure.
  • 2. Conduct an Auto Refresh.
  • 3. Check to see if pressure drops.

This type of fault generally means that the ink line stream is not entering into the gutter return line. Make sure to clean the print head and realign the ink line stream.

  • 1. Shut Off Machine.
  • 2. Examine or Replace Pump Float.
  • 3. Examine or Replace Pump Diaphragms.

This means that the deflector voltage plates are obstructed or dirty.

  • Clean Deflector Voltage Plates

For other general support visit our contact us, page and our customer support will be happy to help you.

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